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Treatments & Options:
Night Guard-
Removable device that can help prevent from pain & grinding of teeth & etc.
Usually is diagnosed to use during sleep.

Orthodic- Also a removable device that is prepared only to fit your mouth by the professionals working
at the dental lab is recommended to use atleast 23 hours of the day leaving that one hour for cleaning
and soaking of the device. This device allows the mouth to adjust to it's proper positioning while allowing
all symptoms to begin decreasing. This is a diagnostic treatment and may not work for everyone but
Dr. Arakelian feels as though before making any drastic decisions or changing the treatment plan that this
will assist in all final diagnosis.

Fixed Orthodic- This is a fixed device that is not removable unless by Dr. Arakelian, which is also prepared only for the fitting of your mouth by the dental professionals. This allows both you and our Team
to be able to realize your level of comfortability. You will also get a visual of your new smile because the Fixed Orthodic is designed to match the shape and shade of your acctually teeth. This procedure allows 
Dr. Arakelian to decrease your symptoms without shaving or grinding your teeth. 


Fixed Orthodic (After)


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